The Plan So Far


Spring 2010

Getting Back to the Boat

The plan is to return to the East Coast in the Spring of 2010 and get to work on the To-Do list. All of the things that need to get done to have the New Old Boat ready to sail.

It is now the first week of May and if all goes well I should be on the road sometime next week. Once there, and the work begins, I will update this page with details and photos of my progress.

Once she is launched, and I take her down river, it will be time for a new page that will be titled, "Summer 2010", subtitled, let the adventure begin.

Until then, I will be updating my progeress on my blog as I make my way cross country and settle in to the prep work. So, for current updates, or to leave comments, check out my "Sailing Belmira Blog".